A Mosquitos Preferred Habitat

{Imagen: Mosquito, janeek, Licencia CC}

In the following experiment we are measuring the differences between 3 types of
mosquitos. These different mosquito species vary in their habitat depending on three soul factors: the pH of the water, rainwater abundance, and the climate/water temperature. One of the most known species of mosquito we viewed was the Aedes aegipty which, as Scott B. Halstead in “Dengue Virus-Mosquito Interactions” mentions, is the most dispersed mosquito due to its ability to survive in average rainfall and temperature climates. (vol. 53:273-291 published Jan 2008)

The mosquito is known for being able to contract viruses like dengue due to the amount of Aedes mosquitos reproducing in average temperature and rainfall climates which increase the risk of contracting different types of viruses. Other reasons why these mosquitos acquire these viruses are due to human activities such as water level manipulation, dirty water and/or garbage disposal, plant and seeding, and other factors that increase the probability of a mosquito larvae being exposed to numerous pathogens due to space limitation (Harold C Chapman 1974).

There are many other types of species of mosquitos that reproduce depending on the temperature and pH levels of water that suit their environmental needs. Mosquito larvae and parasites that live among them depend on pH levels and climate temperature for their survival. It’s a key factor, as Dan Zilberstein and Michal Shapira in “ the role of pH and Temperature in the Development of Leishmania Parasites” describe, it depends on the pH and temperature tolerance because each parasite adapts differently to these extreme environments in order to reproduce for their survival, these extreme measures in the ambience can trigger chances in the gene expressions and cause a morphological change in the mosquito specie( pg.451 published 1994).

Each mosquito specie suits itself for its own survival through its exposure to these extreme environments in which they reproduce in, this is the reason why we see so many mosquitos reproduce in acidic water(rainwater), muddy water, and in stagnant water.


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